Blackstone 2016 年第1四半期決算報告


  • Wrestling with Negative Interest Rates

    I have long thought that negative interest rates didn’t make sense, but monetarists argue that they are just low interest rates carried further. The theory is that if consumers and corporations have to pay a price to store their cash at banks, they will go out and spend and invest, but it is not clear that is what happens when deposit rates fall below zero. What is clear is that the outcomes vary by the size and importance of the central bank involved. In any case, the effects seem to be more temporary than long-lasting. Perhaps more worthy of examination are the reasons behind the negative rates and what these conditions mean for the long-term economic performance of countries and regions and returns in their financial markets.


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  • Laundromate Wins Blackstone LaunchPad Campus Challenge

    This spring Blackstone LaunchPad, an entrepreneurship program run by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation offering coaching, ideation and venture creation support on college campuses, challenged its network of 500,000 students to use entrepreneurship to identify and solve problems on their campus. Through Blackstone LaunchPad’s Solve a Campus Challenge, students from across the 17 partner institutions submitted over 140 videos. Each video was a 1-minute pitch to define and propose a solution a problem they face on campus. The solutions presented solved for common problems on college campuses including parking, laundry, access to food, building community, and campus safety.